On-Job Training (Tamheer Program)

At TakaMoL Holding, we aim to become a catalyzing force for the public and private sectors to achieve a significant and lasting impact on the Saudi labor market. This Training opportunity through Tamheer program is an on-the-job training program for Saudi graduates its aims at training Saudi graduate holders in order for them to gain experience and skills to prepare them for full time employment. We believe that the trainees’ competencies and skills can be utilized to render exceptional achievements. Trainees will be assigned to projects and tasks that are significant, not only on a company-wide level, but nationwide.

Requirements : Have a bachelor, master or PhD degree; Have not registered for any job during the past six months as per GOSI and MCS records; Should not be currently employed; Should not have previously participated in Tamheer;;

Location : Takamol

Department : Takamol Holding

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