Cooperative Training (Various Tracks)

At Takamol Holding, we are working with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to achieve a significant and lasting impact on the labor market in the Kingdom. In line with this mission, we have been training co-op trainees over the past few years. Our Cooperative Training Program targets dynamic college seniors who have a passion to be part of the change which Takamol drives. After going through a careful selection process, the selected participants will join the 5-7 month program in which they work arm-to-arm with top professionals, supporting some of the nation's most significant projects.

Requirements : High English proficiency; A minimum GPA of (3/4) or (4/5); A minimum duration of 5 months; Participation in volunteering and extracurricular activities is preferred; Proven leadership skills; An expected Bachelor's degree in (Business Administration, HR, Project Management, MIS, Innovation, or Marketing).

Location : Takamol

Department : Takamol Holding

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